uPVC Windows-Doors

We specialize in the fabrication  of  various products from uPVC latest technology.

Having  commissioned the necessary uPVC fabrication  machineries  at our modern workshop at Sinza Industrial Area,we are therefore able to fabricate almost all the products at a very short notice.

uPVC has become the No1. choice globally compared to same products made from other materials,  by architects, contractors and consultants in the modern time construction industry.

Advantages of uPVC

uPVC profiles consists of polyvinyl-chloride which is able to withstand various kind of weather conditions.Long term harsh sunny conditions does not cause the profiles to crack or fade in colour as all our profiles are UV protected made from un recycled polymers.

Most Electricity Energy is generally lost through windows. With uPVC windows the energy loss is cut-down dramatically since the corners of the window profiles are welded thus making the window airtight and the uPVC profile Systems are made in hollow sections (multi chamber system) by an extrusion process, which lowers external heat dispersion into the inner area.

  • Due to the corner welding system involved in uPVC windows fabrication process,it ensures that the window is corner is completely welded into a single structure therefore water is unable to pass through the welded joint.
  • Because of the presence of multiple chambers inside the uPVC profile structure it ensures to reduce noise disturbances from outside down to one eight of the original noise level.
  • The humid weather along the coastal areas is not able to corrode or damage the uPVC profiles therefore your window is completely maintenance-free for years to come
  • uPVC profiles have a fully self-extinguishing characteristic guaranteeing your safety as well as your premises.uPVC profiles are made from polymer which has a non-combustible property due to its high chlorine concentration.
  • uPVC profiles are built with smooth surfaces and properly welded corners.Frequent cleaning is possible without effecting the quality of the profiles. Therefore the maintence costs is much lower compared to aluminium and wooden products.

uPVC profiles are made from ecologically friendly and environmentally safe materials.

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